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Offers for beekeepers

In the long run, stamps are a very environmental friendly way of labeling because no paint or other materials are needed. Therefore, this method is in particular suitable for beekeepers. With the bee we have designed, you can choose from various possibilities.

From a stamp only with the bee, to a combination of the bee with your initials or the bee with lettering. Your stamp will be made individually for you. To ensure the process of a quick order, we provide an order form on which stamp size and font can be selected.

Bienen Stempel
Bienen Abdruck

Order form burning stamp "Bee":


70 x 35 mm
(five lines of text)
150 watt
Motive: business card bee

256,00 Euro


50 x 25 mm
200 Watt
design: initials + bee
Bee vertical (25mm high)
Bee horizontal (20mm high)

193,00 Euro


50 x 25 mm
200 Watt
design: initials + bee
Bee horizontal (20mm high)
Letter height (max. 15 mm high)

184,00 Euro


90 x 20 mm
300 Watt
design: text + bee + text
Letter height is adjusted to the stamp length

225,00 Euro

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