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The manual engraver
now difficult to find

The profession of flat engraver learned by the company owner Ralph Wagner, is no longer an apprenticeship. The reason for this is the fact, that today most engravings are made by machines. Engravers who are still able to artfully process metals by hand have therefore become rare. Accordingly, there is a great demand from people and companies who still appreciate genuine craftsmanship.

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Drawing and chiseling the technique of engraving

Engravers need good drawing skills to create a motif in advance. The drawing serves as the basis and must therefore be perfectly worked out. The processing of the metals is carried out by burin, with which lines, circles, curves and ornaments are carved into the metal. Another important technique is chiseling. The engraver uses so-called hallmarks for them. These are steel pencils with which he transforms the motifs into three-dimensional reliefs.

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Engraved products from weapons to jewelery to burning stamps

As a trained flat engraver, Mr. Wagner is able to provide a very detailed engraving on the burning stamp. Through his training he acquired the ability to implement animal motifs himself. For this work, numerous detailed studies - especially the facial features and the shades of fur - are required. While working in various companies and since founding his own engraving company in Dornstadt / Scharenstetten, Mr. Wagner decorated many products such as weapons, jewelery and lighters, which are given a unique look with a motif and can be personalized with monograms. However, his main activity now is the manufacturing of burning stamps.

His invention which enables gradations in terms of color intensity are unique.

If you want to buy an extraordanary burningstamp, please get in touch with Gravierbetrieb Wagner in Dornstadt Scharenstetten.

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